Leave a Legacy

SALC Endowment Fund Statement

The mission and purpose of the Fund is to provide a process that allows people to give a gift or legacy as a means of extending the mission of Christ’s church. The application of the funds received and disbursed will be consistent with the mission and purpose of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church as defined in its Mission Statement.

What is an Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund is a means by which special gifts of members, friends of the congregation, organizations, corporations, etc., can be received and distributed to extend the programs and ministries of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church.

The Fund is a separate fund from the weekly contributions which support the regular budgetary needs of the church. The Fund is not intended to interfere with or supplement the regular stewardship or other programs of the church.

What is the Intent of the Fund?

The purpose of the Fund is to enhance the mission of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church apart from the general operations of the congregation. The Fund generates an ongoing source of income, enabling the congregation to expand and continue a vision of stewardship and support. It also allows the congregation to respond to important needs and new ministry opportunities.

A gift to the Endowment Fund is an act of estate stewardship, reflecting the life of a faithful steward. Such a gift, whether given during one’s lifetime or through one’s estate, is especially satisfying to the giver, in that it will continue to serve the purposes and people of our Lord Jesus Christ as long as His Church shall stand.

As a practical matter, because federal law encourages charitable giving, including the Fund in estate planning makes it possible to contribute gifts to the Endowment Fund that would otherwise be spent in taxes.

A committee of appointed members is responsible for educating and encouraging gifts to the Fund, receiving applications and making recommendations regarding the use of the Fund. The final authority of the Fund’s distribution rests with the Congregation Council as the governing body of Saint Andrew.

How Can I Make a Grant Request?

Anyone can request a grant as support for an extended ministry opportunity at anytime. The Endowment Committee makes recommendations to the Church Council for consideration. Bylaws guide the use and  distribution of the Fund. Download the Endowment Fund grant application by clicking here.