Meet Our Staff


Craig Swenson


The call into public ministry is God’s call, identified through personal, as well as, communal discerning. Together we serve and support the work of Christ’s Church and seek opportunities to share in response to the gifts Christ freely provides for mutual growth in faith and life. Weekly, we come together in worship to proclaim the mysteries of faith centered in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We learn what it means to be people of God and the various gifts that are ours to share. We are then sent to witness and serve others in the name of Jesus. All are welcome as participants in this great mission through Saint Andrew. 

Jenn Collins


I am filled with joy when I think about the opportunity to serve the Church through the ministry of Word and Sacrament. I joined the Lutheran church at the age of 17. I had big questions, but people held on to me while I wrestled with my doubts and developed my faith. I came to learn that God’s love for all in the cross of Jesus Christ is entirely gift. It is a love that meets you and I exactly where we are, even and especially when we find ourselves in uncertainty, fear, and brokenness. This is the amazing news of the Gospel. May the peace of Christ be with us now and in the days to come!

Jeff Martinson


I am grateful to be part of the ministry team at Saint Andrew. It is a great blessing to share your faith and life stories as I have been privileged to do as a pastor for over 30 years. I see that as an amazing grace. I am also an occasional on-call hospital chaplain in which it is humbling to share in God’s care and compassion.


Shelby Gjertson

Parish Administrator

Shelby coordinates the work of the congregation, volunteers and assists in supporting the church council, ministry groups, staff and the pastors. She also works directly with couples for wedding planning and families for funeral preparation.

Joy Mitchell


Joy serves as the receptionist and congregational secretary. Her work is centered around developing and managing parish publications, coordination of worship participants and maintenance of church records.

Al Freiberg

Music Coordinator

Al truly coordinates all the musical offerings of the congregation including three choirs, special music, accompanists, usher teams and is the staff representative for the Worship Ministry. Al has over 50 years of experience as a church musician and values traditional worship with a contemporary style.

Sheldon Geiger


Sheldon maintains the financial giving records and assists members in setting up automated giving for the sake of supporting the mission of the congregation.

Shannon Vujnovich


Shannon is responsible for the overall custodial care of the facility and takes great pride in providing a clean, organized and efficient facility for all church activities.

Dave Paisar


Dave is an active member of the Property Ministry group at Saint Andrew and works on Mondays to assist with custodial responsibilities and building maintenance.


Leadership is provided by the Ministry Teams of Saint Andrew.  Each ministry focuses on one aspect of our life together.  One person from each of these ministry teams is appointed as a liaison to the Church Council.  The Church council gives general oversight to the life and activities of the congregation, designates benevolent gifts to be shared locally and globally, and supports the work of the pastors and staff.

Mike Williams –  President; Member Outreach, Memorial Gift
DeDe Gnatz – Vice President, Fellowship
Russ Van Skyke – Worship
Dayna Herald – Christian Education
Lisa Werger – Youth

Phil Bickley – Finance/Stewardship
Dan Malm – Social Ministry
Don Skare – Personnel
Keith Rusch – Property