Meet Our Staff


Jenn Collins

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jenn began ministry with Saint Andrew having first been called as Associate Pastor in May of 2012.  By the grace of God and the call of the church, her call to Saint Andrew was reaffirmed when she was called again to serve as Lead Pastor in May of 2019.  Pastor Jenn grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin where she would often go to church with her parents and two brothers every Sunday.  Having been invited to the Lutheran church in middle school by a friend, she experienced the gift of Lutheran theology and the depth of the liturgy for the first time as a teenager, pastor Jenn became a Lutheran at age 17.  Her work at Lutherdale Bible Camp (Elkhorn, Wi) as Program Assistant Director and as a Teller at Waukesha State Bank led her to discern a call to ministry.  She is a graduate of Luther College (Decorah, IA) and Wartburg Theological Seminary (Dubuque, IA).  She lives with her two cats and enjoys going for hikes on Rib Mountain, practicing yoga, and good dark coffee with a little bit of cream, hot or iced.  Her passions for ministry include worship leadership, studying, teaching and preaching the Word, faith formation at every age, and meeting people on the journey of life and faith – wherever they are at – with the life-changing, freeing, and healing good news of God in Jesus Christ.

Jeff Martinson

Visitation Pastor

I am grateful to be part of the ministry team at Saint Andrew. It is a great blessing to share your faith and life stories as I have been privileged to do as a pastor for over 30 years. I see that as an amazing grace. I am also an occasional on-call hospital chaplain in which it is humbling to share in God’s care and compassion.


Joy Mitchell


Joy serves as the receptionist and congregational secretary. Her work is centered around developing and managing parish publications, coordination of worship participants and maintenance of church records.

Al Freiberg

Music Coordinator

Al truly coordinates all the musical offerings of the congregation including three choirs, special music, accompanists, usher teams and is the staff representative for the Worship Ministry. Al has over 50 years of experience as a church musician and values traditional worship with a contemporary style.

Sheldon Geiger


Sheldon maintains the financial giving records and assists members in setting up automated giving for the sake of supporting the mission of the congregation.

Jenna Diedrich

Faith Formation Coordinator

Jenna brings her experience and passion for youth development to help engage all members of SALC on their own faith formation journeys.

Shannon Vujnovich


Shannon is responsible for the overall custodial care of the facility and takes great pride in providing a clean, organized and efficient facility for all church activities.


Leadership is provided by the Ministry Teams of Saint Andrew.  Each ministry focuses on one aspect of our life together.  One person from each of these ministry teams is appointed as a liaison to the Church Council.  The Church council gives general oversight to the life and activities of the congregation, designates benevolent gifts to be shared locally and globally, and supports the work of the pastors and staff.

Kerry Fehrman –  President, Memorial Gift
Derek Hoff – Vice President, Finance
Denise Skare – Secretary
Mike Howlett – Financial Secretary
Dayna Herold  – Faith Formation
Lyn Weis – Fellowship

Tammy Schilling – Outreach
Chris Hagen – Property
Sandra Fisher – Social
Herb Heyne – Worship
Ken Luer – Personnel