Let Us Help In Your Time of Need


No event in life produces as much grief as the death of a loved one. In such circumstances, most people turn to the church for help and comfort.

It is appropriate for those who have been part of a congregation’s life to have their final worship service in the place where they have been nurtured in faith through Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Affirmation of Faith, exchanged vows in Marriage, shared in fellowship, and service opporrtunities, and contributed to the needs of the saints.The church provides a worship atmosphere that can assist family and friends of the deceased through their grief by lifting up the grace and love of God through Christ Jesus. Holy Communion is commonly celebrated as an opportunity to affirm the Lord’s presence with us, even in a moment of death and grief.

The church provides us with great symbols of the faith the paschal candle, which reminds us of the baptismal promises of God; the funeral pall, which symbiolizes the unity we have in Christ and our hope of resurrection; the cross, the font, the altar, the pulpit — all of which speak to us of our faith and our hope. The church is the appropriate place for those whom God has claimed and who have responded with a life of faith and faithfulness.


Our Funeral Planning Worksheet can assist you with advanced worship planning for a funeral. The pastors are glad to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss options and assist with these careful and important decisions. After completing the form, it will be filed at the church for future reference.


Presiding at the funeral for non-members and/or persons who have no connection with Saint Andrew is considered part of the pastoral ministry of Saint Andrew. The decision to participate in the funeral of a non-member is solely at the discretion of the pastor(s).


The responsibility and authority for pastoral acts or services rests with the pastor of the congregation where the deceased held membership. The pastor who is asked to provide pastoral services for members of other congregations will contact the pastor of the church in which the person held membership before providing the service.


*** Please note, in the event of a pastoral emergency, the pastors may be reached by calling Saint Andrew at +1 (715) 842-3333. Emergency contact numbers are available through the voice mail system.