“The good news to a hungry person is bread.” – Desmond Tutu

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT | Wausau Warming Center

As the leaves change, fall & blow freely in the brisk wind and days darken early, the need for warmth is greater.
For many, that may simply mean finding a cozy blanket, a hot cup of tea snuggled in your favorite comfy spot in your warm home.Unfortunately, for many in our community, their journey for warmth is more challenging.

Thanks to Catholic Charities, many find refuge on a cold night at the Wausau Warming Center where they are provided a hot meal and a place to find a bit of comfort throughout the night. Saint Andrew supports the work of the Wausau Warming Center by hosting meals on Friday nights as well as accepting donations of supplies.

There is a team of Saint Andrew members that have supported this work for many years but due to recent circumstances, the amount of people to support this effort has decreased. Now more than ever, we are called to support this work. See below for the many ways you could help in “God’s work, our hands” together.


Friday Meal Prep

Prepare dinner (approximately 30 servings) at home and deliver to the warming center while it’s hot. Chili, hot-dishes, spaghetti are just a few meal ideas. Meals should include sides for meals such as bread, veggies, etc. If you like it, the guests will too!

If you have the ability to prepare a large meal, but finances are tight, the Social Ministry may be able to assist. If you can make the dinner but are unable or uncomfortable delivering to the warming center, a volunteer may be able to pick it up.

Friday 6-9pm Evening Shift

Kitchen Staff – Assist with keeping the meal warm, dish up into disposable containers and clean-up. Masks to be worn in the kitchen. Kitchen is on a separate floor where volunteers can send food through the elevator for a contact-less distribution.

Guest Area Staff – Checks in guests, hands out pillows, blankets, sleepwear and other necessities. Picks up food from the elevator to deliver to the guests, monitors showers and starts laundry.  These volunteers will be in proximity to the guests, but no direct contact. Both guests and staff will wear masks, and there will be some plexiglass barriers set-up.

Kwik Trip Food Pick-up

Pick-up and purchase milk, eggs, orange juice and bananas to restock the kitchen. Purchase would be made with a Kwik Trip gift card provided by Catholic Charities.

If you have any questions and/or interest in volunteering, please reach out to Ruth Poutanen directly. Please see below for her contact information.

Email – [email protected]
Cell (Text or call) – 715-409-0674
Landline – 715-675-9290


Hand Warmers – each guest is provided hand warmers in the morning before leaving the center
Portable Non-Perishable Food, such as: granola bars, pudding cups, fruit cups, bottled water
Mid-Size backpacks
Men’s Jeans – particularly size 34, but all sizes accepted
Winter boots
Long underwear
Disposable Face masks

Click here for a printable shopping list.

Clothing items may be gently used – no holes, tears or major stains please.

Monetary donations always appreciated. The money can help off-set costs in a variety of ways that keep the warming center running.

Donations can be dropped off at Saint Andrew or by calling Catholic Charities, 715.849.3311, to schedule a drop-off directly at 540 S 3rd Ave, Wausau, WI 54401.

 “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.” –Matthew 25:35-36

Worship at Saint Andrew ends with an invitation, “Go in peace.  Serve the Lord.”  When we have been assured of God’s forgiveness and when we are nourished well at the table, God turns us outward to love and serve our neighbors.  Service happens organically as members are sent back into their households, schools, and places of work – not with a particular “agenda,” but by the call we have to be present with others and do the best work that we can, giving witness to the light of Christ. Martin Luther once said, “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes.”

Christ’s love, active in service to others, also takes place through Saint Andrew on the local, national, and global level.  This happens through regular benevolent gifts to organizations that do good work and extends the mission of the gospel.  This also happens by organizing and coordinating people to serve and contribute in ways that best suit the gifts God has given to them.

In addition to financial pledges, annual pledges of commitment to serve through gifts of time and talent also are received. Using your time and talents to support the ministry of Saint Andrew not only adds value to the work we do together, but also enhances how you connect to the life of the congregation, to others and helps to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Please look through the booklet and consider ways to share your gifts. In addition to the lists in the booklet we are inviting you to indicate any opportunities that you would like to participate in that are not currently offered at Saint Andrew and also to let us know about any talents and gifts that you or your family have that could help expand our ministries at Saint Andrew.

Check out the Time and Talent Booklet to learn opportunities for serving within the church and examine our partnerships below to learn how you can contribute to service in Christ’s church. You can also complete your participation form online by clicking here.
Your participation is just one more way of defining and sharing the ways we do “God’s work, our hands” together.



The blue “Magic Paper Box” recycling bin is located in the West parking lot near the dumpster enclosure. This recycling program not only promotes care for the environment but also generates revenue from being paid for the paper waste collected. SALC members and others in the community are encouraged to collect and drop off newspapers, junk mail, magazines, office/school papers and catalogs. This program is not for cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, text books, hard cover books, garbage or paper contaminated with food, chemicals etc. Thank you for recycling and helping support the ministry programs at Saint Andrew!


Face Masks for Distribution Locally and Through LWR

As there continues to be a need for face masks both locally and globally, the quilting group would like to offer ready-to-sew kits for those interested in helping fill this need. They can be picked up and dropped off in the plastic bin located outside the north (Chapel) entrance of the church.
Please call or email Linda Peterson to order kits: 715-573-4866; [email protected]

Local Service and Outreach

Available to community members and church members alike, the food pantry serves people monthly on an as needed basis.  The Social Ministry team “shops” the pantry on your behalf to create meals, complete with produce and perishable items.  To receive a “food basket,” please call Saint Andrew.  Members contribute food and financial donations to support the effort of our in-house Saint Andrew food pantry.

Members gather on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the month to sew quilts and make school bags for a variety of local organizations and for Lutheran World Relief.  Saint Andrew quilters also make “Alzheimer Mats” for local nursing homes that help patients with dementia interact with familiar items to bring comfort.  The quilters are always looking for donations of extra fabric and supplies to help with their efforts.

Community Dinner –  On the third Sunday of several months during the year, members of Saint Andrew provide a meal free of charge for members of the community in partnership with First Presbyterian Church and other congregations in downtown Wausau.  Members help to prepare, serve, and clean up after the meal.

Wausau Warming Center – Trained volunteers are part of a Saint Andrew team that will take “a shift” to support the work of Catholic Charities’ Wausau Warming Center by helping to check in homeless individuals staying the night for shelter and nourishment.

In the season of Lent, the community is welcome to gather in fellowship following worship around bowls of fresh and warm soup, made in the kitchen at Saint Andrew.  A portion of the free will donation received is given away for the work of local organizations, decided annually.  Members can participate by helping to make soup, serve the meal, and clean up following.

On Monday nights at 7 pm, Saint Andrew is open to the work of AA and provides a safe and comfortable place to meet, share, and find community.
For more information on Alcoholics Anonymous, visit the AA website.
For more information on Al-anon and Alateen, click here.