Declare Your Love


A wedding is a worship service whereby a couple gathers in the presence of family and friends to share their vows of marriage and ask God’s blessing on their union. A marriage is a lifelong institution that follows the marriage ceremony. Much planning goes into the wedding ceremony and care is taken so that even greater effort is invested in the marriage so that the unity of the couple continues to grow for a lifetime. Couples married through Saint Andrew participate in premarital counseling and take an active part in planning the worship service which further highlights investment in the relationship.

Scheduling a Wedding Date

Wedding dates may be scheduled for members of Saint Andrew and immediate family members of the household where one or both persons are currently members.

  1. Contact the Church Office at least four months prior to the wedding date.
  2. Meet with a member of the Church Office to review wedding information.
  3. Set times for premarital meetings with a Pastor and Coordinator of Music.

A valid marriage license is required for all weddings and must be given to the Church Office or Pastor one week prior to the wedding date.

Other Marriage Rites

Blessing of a Civil Marriage
Affirmation of Marriage Vows
Anniversary of a Marriage