“You are witnesses of these things.” Luke 24:48

Become A Witness

In a general sense of the word, a witness is someone who reports what they have seen and heard.  Following the resurrection of Jesus, the disciples were clothed with the Holy Spirit and sent into the world as witnesses with the message of the good news – sharing what they had seen and heard from Jesus.  Christ also calls us to witness to the good that we have seen and heard.  The mission statement of Saint Andrew gives similar words of encouragement: “From this gathering of God’s people shall come Christian love as members minister to each other, the community, the nation and the world.” 

At Saint Andrew, primary witness comes through various ministry teams. Ministries meet monthly on ministry night, typically the first Tuesday of the month. Through prayer, conversation, and review of past events that were meaningful, the ministries discern the activities, events, and operations of our life together.

Each ministry of the church has a chairperson who is elected by ministry members to that ministry. Church Council is comprised of members who serve as various liaisons to the ministries.  Each ministry, with some exceptions, is encouraged to meet at least once a month in order to carry out the ministry of the church. During any given year, numerous Task Forces may be appointed for specific tasks.  At the end of the year, each ministry turns in a report that summarizes their ministry throughout the past year – which is then included in the Annual Report of the congregation.