COVID-19 Information Page

Information about COVID-19, current SALC status and our plan to gather.

Out of love and care for our neighbors, and as members of the human community, Saint Andrew will open in three phases.  Using criteria established by our Plan to Gather Task Force and the Wisconsin Department of Health, we will work and gather physically with the following conditions in mind.



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per 100,000 Marathon County Residents (a.k.a. Burden)

Understanding the SALC COVID-19 UPDATE

To the left is the SALC Covid-19 graphic.  It lists the latest four weeks of the information used to determine the current “phase” of the SALC Status. It uses information collected for Marathon County as reported to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Below are brief explanations of each part of the graphic.

Date = The week the data listed was collected by Department of Health for Marathon County
Burden # = Number of positive Covid-19 cases reported for the week in Marathon County as represented per 100,000 people
Trajectory = How the burden is changing over a 2 week period for phase 1 and 2 “Plan to Gather” plan. How the burden is changing over a 4 week period for phase 3 “Plan to Gather” plan.  The trajectory is either: “No Change”, “Increasing”, or “Shrinking” (previously “Downward”)
Burden Status:
– Low = Burden # is less than or equal to 10
– Moderate = Burden # is greater than 10 but less then 50
– Moderately High = Burden # is greater than 50 but less than 100
– High = Burden # is greater than 100
– Very High = Burden # is greater than 350
– Critically High = Burden # is greater than 1,000

Current SALC Status = The “Plan to Gather” phase Saint Andrew is in, is based on the Burden AND Trajectory

Understanding the Phases of the SALC Status

We are in Phase One when:

+ An emergency government directive is issued to reduce public social interaction.

We are in Phase Two when:

+ Burden rate is “High”, “Very High” or “Critically High”
+ If in Phase Three, an increase in Burden occurs resulting in “High” or higher Burden Status for two consecutive weeks

We are in Phase Three when:

+ The burden is “Moderately High”, “Moderate” or “Low”.

Saint Andrew ``Plan To Gather``

As the name suggests, the “Plan to Gather” is a plan. A plan to help guide our actions to safely continue our mission and ministries of worship, learning, witness and service during the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, we have one uncompromising objective: we will prioritize love and care for members and our neighbors as part of the human community. With information from the Wisconsin Council of Churches, input from religious leaders, local church pastors, our insurance company, public health and emergency management offices, our pastors, the Church Council and our own Plan to Gather Task Force, the “Plan to Gather” document was developed.  Morally, ethically, and as people of faith we will use caution and safe measures to reduce the risks that physical gatherings may cause, specifically to the exposure of COVID-19 and the capacity churches have to be pro-active partners in public health. 

Saint Andrew’s mission to be “open to all,” challenges us to reasonable and safe gatherings. Because of our size, demographics, and our mission, the challenge to gather with less than 50 people would exclude visitors and members, especially the more vulnerable members of our community. We therefore are looking to use the safest means possible, for all of us,  to return to community worship “in person” in the sanctuary.

The plan uses the phases of the “SALC Status”, as described above, as the core to the plan. Please keep the phases in mind when you review the plan.
Click here to read the current version of the “Plan to Gather”


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